Sheridan's Sunshine Foundation would like to help families whose children have been diagnosed with cancer. As our family knows, this time can be very difficult and the last thing they need is to be burdened with finances. The foundation has set up a Family Assstance program as a suppliment to what is offered by the Children's Hospital at OU Medical center. To apply for assistance, please read all of the following criteria and submit all required forms to the Child Life Representative at OU Children's Hospital or to our foundation address at Sheridan's Sunshine Foundation  920 Isabella Ln,  Altus, OK 73522



                                                                        To receive Family Assistance the following criteria must be met:

                                                    1. The patient must be 18yrs of age or younger

                                                    2. The patient must be diagnosed with a form of cancer

                                                    3. The patient's annual family income should not be greater than $65,000

                                                    4.  The patient must be currently receiving treatment for pediatric cancer at the Children's Hospital at OU Medical center

                                                                                          If you meet this criteria, please continue

                                                    Please follow these guidlines when applying

                                                     1. All exiisting and available resources should be maximized by each family, this program is meant to be a suppliment

                                                         and is intended to fund additional out of pocket expenses travel and accomodation expenses for the families during thier child's      


                                                     2. Sheridan's Sunshine Foundation will not allocate any funds untill all required information and paperwork is submitted.

                                                     3. Once the form is completed, please give it to the Child Life Representative or mail to the foundation address above.

                                                     4. All sections of the Family Assistance forms must be filled out completely and truthfully. Any false or misleading information

                                                         will reseult in automatic denial


                                                      After Submission

                                                 1.Once the forms have been received, a foundation representative will review the application as soon as possible. We understand

                                                 that time is of the essence for many children and thier families and we will do our very best to respond to all request in a timely manner.  

                                                 2. Sheridan's Sunshine Foundation reserves the right to change these guidelines at anytime without notice and to apply these guidelines

                                                 at its reasonable discretion.


                                                               FORMS CAN BE OBTAINED FROM A CHILD LIFE REPRESENTATIVE AT OU CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL 




                     If you have any questions or need assistance please contact a Child Life representativeor e-mail us at

















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